Your data analysis expertise with Qlik is our core competence.

Are you looking for QlikView or Qlik Sense training? Your research will provide you with a wealth of trainings - most of which are classic product trainings. You learn the product in its breadth - the focus is on teaching product functionalities.

We deliberately position our training differently: with us, you develop your data analysis skills with the help of Qlik. The product is a means to an end: you learn to solve typical data analysis challenges with QlikView or Qlik Sense. You see less of what the product can do and more of what is required in practice - the trainings are from practice for practice:


We develop your data analysis competence: You learn, for example, the necessity of the so-called Star Data Model - and develop one using QlikView or Qlik Sense. The methodological knowledge can be applied to any tool - even Excel.


You will learn practice and best practices. We show you when to use bar and column charts with QlikView or Qlik Sense. But you won't see 3D charts and other chart exotics - even if Qlik can.


All tasks are taken from practice - you work out the solution with guidance. For example, you receive several XLS files with planning data of individual locations and have to compare these consolidated with the actual values.

You can consume the trainings as follows:

Inhouse training

Your employees will be trained on-site at your premises. In-house training is ideal for groups of 3-6 people. Individualisation of the training is possible. Plan your in-house training in a free information session.

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Book your training in a public online training. The number of participants is limited to 4 to 6. The trainings are held via video conference, the trainer supports the participants with practical exercises via remote maintenance.

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E-learning (hybrid)

This offer is currently still under development - in future, you and your employees will be able to determine the course content and learning pace yourself. The on-demand e-learning offer is supplemented "hybrid" by online training. After successful course participation, certification tests ensure the qualitative training of your employees.

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